The Need

Despite all inputs businesses sometime struggle to get desired results. Closeness to day-to-day makes it difficult to spot issues. An outside perspective from a seasoned mind helps to think in new ways. This is where Debashis Sarkar (Deb) and his boutique consulting firm Proliferator Advisory & Consulting come in. He and his panel of seasoned consultants see the problem from an outsider’s perspective and help to arrive at a solution which someone close to the context could never have been able to see and achieve.



The People

It’s just not Deb and his deep performance improvement expertise. The panel of consultants who work with Deb and Proliferator Advisory have at least 15-25 years of leadership experience in industries we serve.


Focus Area 

Deb and his firm work with companies on operational challenges that prevent them from becoming competitive. They typically work with senior executives and deliver lasting performance improvements that help to reduce costs, increase sales, improve productivity, embed customer-centricity, reduce operations-risk and enhance customer experience.


The Deb & Proliferator Advisory Difference

What differentiates Deb and his panel of consultants from many other management consultants is that they not only solve the problem at hand but also focus is to leave back something of lasting value in the client organisation.


Types of Assignments

The following are few examples of the type of problems taken up by Deb and his firm Proliferator Advisory & Consulting:

  • Customer Experience Transformation of a FMCG business,
  • Lean Transformation of a healthcare services provider,
  • Metrics Refresh of Banking Operations,
  • Enhancing Conversion Ratio of Consumer Loans,
  • Improving Customer Experience of a Quick Service Restaurant,
  • Understanding the Customer Journey in a Retailer,
  • Business Process Reengineering in Finance Operations,
  • Enhance Productivity of Sales Force,
  • “Service Gap” Process Reengineering
  • Improving Performance of a Shared Service Centre.

(The above is just a partial list)


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