Debashis Sarkar is an award-winning author, management consultant, educator and keynote speaker. He is the founder of boutique consulting firm ~ Proliferator Advisory & Consulting and training company ~ Proliferator Academy. He is an internationally recognized name in lean management and customer experience. His pioneering work on “lean management” and “customer-centricity” is replicated by professionals and organisational globally. He enables organisations to become competitive by making them efficient and customer-centric. He has helped organisations to increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer experience.


Thought Leadership & Pioneering Work


Over the last so many years he has been involved in developing leading-edge thinking on how to make organisations efficient and customer centric. He is credited to have developed strategies, tactics and tools that help to build a lean and customer-centric enterprise. His notable contributions include the following:

·         World’s  first approach to create a “lean service enterprise”,

·         World’s  first blueprint to deploy “5S in services and offices,”

·         The DEB-LOREX™ Model,

·         The DEB-LOREX™ Index,

·         Tools that help to embed lean thinking and enhance customer-experience.

His ideas, thoughts and deployment experiences have been captured in his eight performance improvement books and many papers & articles authored by him.     

 He also pioneered the deployment of lean practices to service organisations in Asia in early 2000s. He also led the world’s first enterprise-wide deployment of lean management practices in a large geographically scattered service enterprise. 


Professional Experience


He has had variety of industry experience comprising Foods, FMCG, Consumer Goods, Financial Services and Labels & Packaging materials.

He has spent more than 24 years in leadership positions in companies such as Unilever, Coca Cola, ICICI Bank, Avery Dennison and Standard Chartered.
This includes various positions in supply chain, plant and co-packer management in Unilever; head of corporate quality in Marico Industries and  Asia-Pacific operational excellence leader in Avery Dennison. At ICICI Bank he led the organisational excellence group and his contribution there was an industry benchmark. At Standard Chartered Bank he was the global head of reengineering for finance across shared service centres and country operations.

His performance improvement impact has been measurably felt across functions such as Shared Services, Manufacturing, Quality, Customer Experience, Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Offshoring, Risk, Retail Financial Services, Contact-Centre, Sales, Marketing, Banking Operations etc

However, the accomplishment which makes him stand out is his having made businesses efficient & customer-centric and enabling them to provide superior customer experience.   




Debashis Sarkar writes for Huffington Post.

He has earlier authored number of articles and papers on performance improvement which have appeared in leading journals and newspapers.

He has authored 8 books, the details of which can be found in another section.

Earlier in his life, he was a passionate quiz master and authored quiz book on business and on various other topics of interest to children..



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