Deb is often hired by C-suite and top management to manage important meetings and management processes that are strategically important to the client firm. He provides leadership to these meetings without taking the reins or participating in it. He provides a structure, guides them through the steps that ensures participation of all and ensures high quality decisions and outcomes. What Deb is able to do in these meetings is to create a positive environment, manage interpersonal dynamics and ensure group effectiveness. What he also does is to make sure the assumptions are surfaced and conflicts resolved collaboratively.

The reason why CEOs & C-suite like working with Deb is because of his gravitas, deep understanding of top-management team dynamics and ability to achieve objectives within a short time-frame.

Deb has been a facilitator to wide-variety of meetings which include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • C-Suite Ways of Working
  • Strategic Project Selection
  • Problem Solving Workouts
  • Priority Setting
  • Offsite Facilitation
  • Ideations
  • Gathering voice of new products / services
  • Offshoring
  • Systemic Problem Solving
  • High Performing Talent Identification
    (The above is a partial list)


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